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            Weather Guard Lo-Side Box Aluminum Tool Box

            Weather Guard Lo-Side Aluminum Tool Box-1    Weather Guard Lo-Side Aluminum Tool Box-2    Weather Guard Lo-Side Aluminum Tool Box-3    Weather Guard Lo-Side Aluminum Tool Box-4    Weather Guard Lo-Side Aluminum Tool Box-5

            These high quality tool boxes are Weather Guard brand, made proudly in the U.S.A. by Knaack LLC. at
            the time of manufacture. "In 2012 the Werner Company announced that they had aquired 100% of the
            ownership of the Knaack LLC."

            The description below is for this well taken care of, in good condition, used, high quality,
            heavy gauge aluminum Lo-Side Box Tool Box.
            The two Gas Springs, that hold the lid cover open, appear to need replacing, the rest of the
            tool box is in great shape.

            This Weather Guard Aluminum Truck Tool Box is called a Lo-Side Box which provides easy entry
            to the tool box from the side of your truck through a locking cover.

            It is constructed from diamond plate patterned aluminum and powder coated with ARMOR-TUF®
            Clear Coat which lasts for years, keeping your tool box looking great for years to come.

            It has, by manufacturers specifications, 4.1 cubic feet of storage capacity and also has a full weather
            seal to make sure everything stays clean and dry inside your tool box.

            The Weather Guard Lo-Side Box Aluminum Tool Box mounts over the bed rails of the box of your pickup truck.
            It's easy to mount/install using a system that requires no drilling into the bed rails.
            It does have other brackets that mount there by also stabilizing the tool box.

                    Fits all full sized pickup trucks
                    To prevent unauthorized entry it has Tamper-resistant, Retracting 
                    EXTREME PROTECTION® lock with keys.

                    Can use by it self or in addition with Cross or Saddle Boxes

                    Cover opens to a full 90 degrees to make it easy for tool, parts or small equipment removal

                    A smooth one-touch opening is made possible by an automotive-style rotary latch.

                    A weather seal is in place that completely seals the box in bad weather

                    To protect and ensure the finish for years to come the AMOR-TUF® Clear Coat has been applied
                    at the factory.

                    Includes mounting hardware and mounting legs
                                     Style: Lo-Side Box
                               Box Type: Short
                                     Color: Clear (natural aluminum with a clear coat)
                                 Material: Aluminum
                          Type Vehicle: Full-sized Pickup
                         Bed Required: 5½ ft, 6 ft, 6½ ft or 8 ft
               Approximate Height: 13¼ inches
                Approximate Width:  16¼ inches
               Approximate Length: 56¼ inches
            Approximate Capacity: 4.1 cubic feet
            Included in your purchase of this Weather Guard Lo-Side Box 
Tool Box are the mounting brackets and
            all the necessary hardware for mounting.

            The new Retail price: $1041.13 each

            This item is located in the Mendota, Illinois area.

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            Keeping in mind this high quality Tool Box is NOT something that you will find at the local big box stores.

            Quantity Available: 2

            Price: $567.00 each or your Best Reasonable Offer each
            Shipping and Handling: Local Pick-up Only!

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