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                The idea for TaleEndTreasures.com came from out of the need to put up items that were slated to be sold
                by our parents and other relatives before their passing. It took a few years, from idea to creation, to create
                this web site you're looking at now and it continues to evolve as we find more items
and need to redesign
                this website

                The items we have listed on TaleEndTreasures is becoming more and more as we sort through boxes and
                closets, trunks, basements, garages and attics. Then we get pictures taken,
do the research on them,
                test them, if required, to make sure they work the way they should
and then describe them in such a way
                as to inform the reader of all we know about it including the condition and any known problems.

                We are located in, what we refer to as the middle of a corn field, others call it the Mendota, Illinois area.




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