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This is from a Smoke-Free and Pet-Free home.

            Vintage Stationary Exercise Bicycle

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            This unique Vintage Stationary Bicycle was created by a local inventor who called himself King Louie.

            King Louie crafted this unique Exercise Bike somewhere around the mid to late 1970's or early 1980's.
            It came to into our family's house about 1990 and served my father well up until his deteriorating health
            prevented him from using  this Vintage Stationary Exercise Bicycle.

            With a lot of thought we have decided that some other family should have the enjoyment that this Exercise
            Bike will bring to them as it has our family. It really wants a new family that will use it, enjoy it and help
            maintain your family's health.

            A very new way of exercising, for he designed it to give the rider exercise by pedaling he added resistance
            by turning on the AM Radio to listen to your favorite radio station, to add even more resistance you turn on
            the Fan, then the final amount of resistance is a Light to turn on.

            Just starting out without anything turned on will give you a light workout, then it gets harder pedaling the
            more things you turn on. I can attest to that as I tested it out personally, everything worked the way it
            was supposed to work. The speakers worked great as does the radio, light and fan.

            To this date I have yet to see a Stationary Exercise Bicycle that allows the power to operate the radio, fan
            and light to be generated by you the user, making this very economical and green for the environment.
            In other words it requires No Batteries or to be plugged into receptacle, so it will not consume any other
            power than what the user generates by pedaling.

                        AM Radio
                        Electricity Generation System
                        Regular Bicycle Seat

            You'll get years of enjoyment, use and health improvement from this very unique, one of a kind, Vintage
            Stationary Exercise Bicycle.

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