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All the Items on this page are from a Smoke-Free, Pet-Free home.

            Vintage Hartz Cat Litter Super Spoon, Litter Scoop

            Vintage Hartz Cat Litter Super Spoon, Litter Scoop-1    Vintage Hartz Cat Litter Super Spoon, Litter Scoop2

Vintage "Hartz Cat Litter Super Spoon" Litter Scoop appears to be new and unused.

            We didn't see any signs of wear or dirt, the label is in place and doesn't appear damaged in any way.
            It is made out of plastic, so will not corrode and should last a long time with regular cleaning.

            Price: $11.00
            Shipping and Handling: FREE within the continental United States

            Hartz Professional Pet Pedicure Set

            Hartz Professional Pet Pedicure Set-1    Hartz Professional Pet Pedicure Set-2    Hartz Professional Pet Pedicure Set-3    Hartz Professional Pet Pedicure Set-4

            Hartz Professional Pet Pedicure Set is a professional grade pet pedicure set of Claw Trimmers and Claw File.

            The Claw Trimmers are made of stainless steel for long life, durability, easy to clean should they require cleaning
            and they maintain they sharpness.

            This set also contains a Claw File to smooth and round freshly trimmed claws, so they don't catch on furniture,
            clothing or you.

            This Hartz Professional Pet Pedicure Set comes with its own plastic zipper case to everything together for easy

            This Pet Pedicure Set has not been used and is in the original case it came in, so yes it is new.

            Price: $11.00
            Shipping and Handling: FREE within the continental United States

            Lambert Kay Claw Trimmer

            Lambert Kay Claw Trimmer-1    Lambert Kay Claw Trimmer-2    Lambert Kay Claw Trimmer-3

            This Lambert Kay Claw Trimmer is very lightly, like a couple of times, used claw trimmer.

            It's made of all steel, handles are chrome plated while the blades are a black oxide finish.

            It's handles use a spring to return them to the open position.

            Price: $5.00
            Shipping and Handling: $2.00 within the continental United States

            Vintage Kurt S. Adler Doggie Christmas Stocking
            Doggie Christmas Stocking-2    Doggie Christmas Stocking-1    Doggie Christmas Stocking-4

            As seen in the pictures this is a new, never used
Vintage, Collectable Doggie Christmas Stocking from
            Kurt S. Adler and dated 1989.

            The perfect addition to your Christmas
collection or for that special dog in your life to enjoy the Holiday more.

            Fill it with a few treats that your dog loves so on Christmas morning it can share in the joy.

            Price: $11.27
              Shipping and Handling: $2.98

            Small Pet Cage by Acme Metal Products

            Acme Metal Products Pet Cage-1    Acme Metal Products Pet Cage-2    Acme Metal Products Pet Cage-3    Acme Metal Products Pet Cage-4    Acme Metal Products Pet Cage-5    Acme Metal Products Pet Cage-6    Acme Metal Products Pet Cage-7

            Acme Metal Products Pet Cage-8    Acme Metal Products Pet Cage-9    Acme Metal Products Pet Cage-10    Acme Metal Products Pet Cage-11

            This small pet cage is made of Stainless Steel for long lasting durability, easy cleaning and looks great.

            Acme Metal Products, Inc. is the company that makes this small pet cage.

            It is a used cage that is in excellent condition.

                Overall Height: 9½ inches
                           Width: 8 3/8 inches
                          Length: 11 inches
                 Inside Height: 8 inches
               Clean-out Tray Width: 9½ inches
                                   Length: 12 inches

            Price: $15.00
            Shipping and Handling: $30.00

            Stainless Steel trimmed in Red Plastic Pet Dish

            Stainless Steel trimmed in Red Plastic Pet Dish-1    Stainless Steel trimmed in Red Plastic Pet Dish-2    Stainless Steel trimmed in Red Plastic Pet Dish-3    Stainless Steel trimmed in Red Plastic Pet Dish-4

            This Stainless Steel Pet Dish is classed as 
very lightly used.

            The red trim seems to act as non-slip when the dish is filled.

            Great dish, easy to clean, hard to tip over and a modern clean look.

                                Base: 9¼ inches diameter
                                 Top: 6 inches diameter
                            Bottom: 4½ inches diamenter
                       Dish Depth: 1 7/8 inches
                  Overall Height: 2 3/8 inches
                   Dish Capacity: 24 ounces

            Price: $7.50
            Shipping and Handling: $11.69

            Vintage Cultured Marble Pet Dish
            Cultured Marble Pet Dish-1    Cultured Marble Pet Dish-2    Cultured Marble Pet Dish-3    Cultured Marble Pet Dish-4

            It seems as though this beautiful Pet Dish may be made of Cultured Marble, as it is similar
            to the Pet Dishes made by Black Mountain Marble.

            We know that this Vintage Cultured Marble Pet Dish was purchased more than 25 years ago
            and is in excellent condition.

            This is very stable, is spill resistant, will not slide all over and looks great.

            This is one Cultured Marble Pet Dish that will last a very long time.

            Price: $22.50
            Shipping and Handling: $19.71

            Pet Dish Pink - by Van Ness Plastic Molding Co., Inc. - Made In U.S.A.

            Van Ness Pet Dish-2    Van Ness Pet Dish-1    Van Ness Pet Dish-3    Van Ness Pet Dish-4

            This Pet Dish is still being made in U.S.A. by Van Ness Plastic Molding Co., Inc.

            Great for medium sized dogs with a 20 ounce capicity.

            It's made from USFDA food contact approved (safe for Pets), heavy plastic to form a crock style bowl.

            Price: $5.00
            Shipping and Handling: $8.86

Small Pet Water Bottles 8 Ounce

            Lixit 8 Ounce Water Bottle    8 Ounce Water Bottle

            The Lixit Water Bottle has a floating turtle inside as a water level indicator/refill reminder.
            The turtle is the same color as the screw-on cap and has a translucent bottle.

            The Blue Water Bottle has a white floating ball inside as a water level indicator/refill reminder.
            Both of these Water Bottles are used and in great condition.

            Price for each water bottle: $4.00
and Handling: $6.45 will combine shipping when you want both bottles

            Savic Feeding Dish - Made in Belgium

            Plastic Savic Feeding Dish-1    Plastic Savic Feeding Dish-3
            Savic brand Nibble Dish as they call it is made in Belgium.

            Its diminsions are about 4 inches square at the base by 1¾ inches at the high side tall.

            This Savic Nibble Dish is used and in great condition.

            Price: $7.95
and Handling: $3.58

            Stoneware Feeding Bowls

            Stoneware Feeding Bowl-1    Stoneware Feeding Bowl-2

            Stoneware Feeding Bowls are clear glazed to make for easy cleaning.

            These are both the same size which is about 3 inches diameter by 1 3/8 inches high.

            Price for each Bowl: $5.45
and Handling: $6.45 will combine shipping when odering both bowls

            Hamster/Gerbil/Mouse and Small Pet Exercise Wheel

            Hamster/Gerbil/Mice Exercise Wheel Blue    Hamster/Gerbil/Mice Exercise Wheel Yellow

            These two Exercise Wheels are made with mesh instead of bars.
            Exercise Wheels promote the health and wellness of your pet by helping them stay fit for a long and healthy life.

            We found out that the wheels will begin to squeek after a time so we put a bit of olive oil on the axle, silence after.

            Both of these Wheels are used.

            Price of Blue Wheel: $8.35
            Price of Yellow Wheel: $7.45
            Shipping and Handling: $8.76 with combined shipping on purchase of both exercise wheels

            Kaytee Brand Cedar Bedding & Litter

            Kaytee Brand Cedar Bedding Litter-1    Kaytee Brand Cedar Bedding Litter-2    Kaytee Brand Cedar Bedding Litter-3

            This is a New, unopened, factory sealed bag of Cedar Bedding.

            Kaytee is the brand of this Cedar Bedding & Litter.

            It contains 550 cubic inches compressed that will expand to 1200 cubic inches volume.

            Price: $6.95
and Handling: $14.96 or save and come pick it up

            America's Choice Natural Pine Bedding

            America's Choice Natural Pine Bedding-4    America's Choice Natural Pine Bedding-1    America's Choice Natural Pine Bedding-2    America's Choice Natural Pine Bedding-3

            All natural pine bedding made here in the United States by American Wood Fibers, Inc.
            The Company kiln dries this for maximum absorbency and is multi screened to remove irritating dust.
            As you see in the pictures above this is new in the original compressed condition.

            This bag has had a very small amount removed from it for a pair of hamsters that sadly passed
            away shortly after this bag was purchased.

            Orginally it contained 3.0 cubic feet which expands to 7.5 cubic feet.
            We might have used .5 cubic foot
expanded for the hamsters before they passed.

            Price: $33.00
and Handling: Local pick up ONLY

            Pet Taxi

            Pet Taxi - Pet Carrier-1    Pet Taxi - Pet Carrier-3    Pet Taxi - Pet Carrier-4

            This is The Pet Taxi pet carrier.

            Manufacturer: Doskocil Mfg. Co. Inc., Arlington, Texas
            Model: 1826

            This is a used Pet Carrier, in good condition.
            Size: At the seam: 23¾ inches long by 16½ inches wide
                    At the base:  22 inches long by 14¼ inches wide
                    Height: 16 inches high
            Price: $32.95
and Handling: $22.53

            Hagen Ferret/Small Pet Cage

            Hagen Ferret/Small Pet Cage-5    Hagen Ferret/Small Pet Cage-2    Hagen Ferret/Small Pet Cage-4    Hagen Ferret/Small Pet Cage-6    Hagen Ferret/Small Pet Cage-3

            Hagen Ferret/Small Pet Cage comes with a large 32 ounce water bottle.
            This is a used cage, in great condition.

            The Blue base has the number/bar code of 1556160450.

            Blue Base: 25 inches long by 16¼ inches by 5½ inches high
            Whole Cage: 25 inches long by 16¼ inches by 14¾ high
            New Retail is about $70.00 to $90.00

            Price: $45.00 or best offer
and Handling: $36.53

            Vintage Aquarium Light

            Vintage Aquarium Light-3    Vintage Aquarium Light-2    Vintage Aquarium Light-1

            This is a vintage aquarium light for an aquarium of about 5 gallon capacity.
            It was made somewhere around the late 1960's to mid to late 1970's.

It uses two(2) 25 watt incandescent lamps (long aquarium bulbs), NO MORE THAN 25 Watts each.
            LED light bulbs can also be used, these are Low Heat producing bulbs.

                          Size: 16" wide by 4" deep by 2" high
            Maximum Size Bulb: 25 watts each incandescent or larger LED bulb
            Price: $41.00
and Handling: $12.23

            Perfecto Fluorescent Aquarium Hood Light

            Perfecto Fluorscent Aquarium Hood Light-1    Perfecto Fluorscent Aquarium Hood Light-2    Perfecto Fluorscent Aquarium Hood Light-3    Perfecto Fluorscent Aquarium Hood Light-4    Perfecto Fluorscent Aquarium Hood Light-5    Perfecto Fluorscent Aquarium Hood Light-7

            This is a used Perfecto brand Fluorescent Aquarium Hood Light.

            The measurements: 22½ inches long by 4½ inches wide by 2½ inches high (all are at the bottom of light)

            It has a 15 watt Sylvania Enhance Bulb (18 inch) that is included, this makes the fish look more vibrant.

            It uses standard U.S. household electricity 120 volts, 60 Hz.

            Price: $27.00
            Shipping and Handling: $12.23

            All Glass Aquarium 5-Gallon capacity

            All-Glass 5 Gallon Aquarium-1    All-Glass 5 Gallon Aquarium-2    All-Glass 5 Gallon Aquarium-3

            This 5 gallon all-glass aquarium has black plastic trim around the top and the base.
            It's the perfect size to start out with or to use as a hatchery.

            This is a Vintage Aquarium that is used, is in extremely good condition and has NO leaks.

            Size Dimensions:
            16 inches long by 8 1/8 inches wide by 10¼ inches high
            5 gallon liquid capacity

            Price: $29.97
and Handling: Local pick up ONLY

            Vintage Pemco 10 Gallon Stainless Steel Frame Aquarium

            Vintage Pemco 10 Gallon Aquarium-1    Vintage Pemco 10 Gallon Aquarium-2    Vintage Pemco 10 Gallon Aquarium-3    Vintage Pemco 10 Gallon Aquarium-4    Vintage Pemco 10 Gallon Aquarium-5

Vintage Pemco 10 Gallon Stainless Steel Frame Aquarium that appears to be in great condition.

            The Stainless Steel Frame is in good condition with a few blemishes to expected, all glass is intact.     

            These were manufactured by Pemco in the 1960's.

               Dimensions: 20¼ inches long by 10½ inches wide by 12¼ inches high
            Frame Material: Stainless Steel

            Price: $75.00 $56.00
            Shipping and Handling: Local Pick-up ONLY

            Vintage Stainless Steel Frame 10 Gallon Aquarium

            Vintage Stainless Steel Frame 10 Gallon Aquarium-    Vintage Stainless Steel Frame 10 Gallon Aquarium-3    Vintage Stainless Steel Frame 10 Gallon Aquarium-4    Vintage Stainless Steel Frame 10 Gallon Aquarium-2

            This is a used aquarium with one(1) side glass broken.

                  FREE        FREE        FREE

            Glass Replacement Instructions:

               1) The glass is easy to replace.
               2) Measure size of glass needed.

               3) Get replacement glass

               4) Remove broken glass.

               5) Clean sealer from frame.

               6) Apply new sealer.
               7) Set replacement glass into place.

               8) Check to make sure the sealer/adhesive has transfered to glass with no voids.

               9) Lay the aquarium down, with the newly, installed glass down on the table.            

              10) Place a couple of books on the new glass to keep pressure for the seal and then sit back let it cure.
              11) It usually takes 24 to 48 hours for sealer to cure depending the brand, so read the label.
              12) After the sealant curing process is completed you are ready to add the water ONLY.
                      This is to check for leaks and fix as needed.
                      No leaks means you just need to rinse the aquarium thoroughly with clear water and fill.
                           ~  ~  ~  DO NOT PUT FISH IN AT THIS TIME  ~  ~  ~

              13) We didn't use a lot of chemicals so to get rid of chlorine fill the aquarium to the correct level,
                    leave uncovered for 24 hours and aerate the whole time with the aquarium heater turned on,
                    this will heat the water to the temperature your fish will thrive at and help prevent temperature shock to the fish.

            The aquarium measures 20 inches wide by 10½ inches deep by 11½ inches high.

            Price: $66.00  - - - Price INCLUDING Glass Repair DONE for YOU $88.00
            Shipping and Handling:
Local pick up ONLY

            All Glass 30 Gallon Aquarium

            All Glass 30 Gallon Aquarium-1    All Glass 30 Gallon Aquarium-2    All Glass 30 Gallon Aquarium-3    All Glass 30 Gallon Aquarium-4

            This All Glass
30 Gallon Aquarium with Wood-grain Plastic Trim is used and in excellent condition.

            It has a thermostrip on the front side for easy viewing of the temperature.

            It has not leaks so, after the normal cleaning process you are good to go and start setting this up to run.

            It measures 36 inches long by 12 inches wide by 15½ inches high.

            Price: $75.00
            Shipping and Handling: Local Pick-up ONLY

             All Electric Items Contained on this page were made to operate in the United States on our standard
             household electricity!

               Shipping and Handling:
             Listed prices are for the Continental United States ONLY.
             "FREE" shipping
in the Continental United States ONLY.
             Alaska, Hawaii and all other areas contact Customer Service

             Got questions, want to purchase an item or make an appointment to see the
             items and pick up then contact 
Customer Service
             We will get back to you within 48 hours excluding
             Saturday, Sunday and legal U.S. holidays.

             These are sold "as is" there is no guarantee.

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