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This is from a Smoke-Free and Pet-Free home.

Native American Harmony Flax Bow Wall Hanging

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            Native American Harmony Flax Bow Wall Hanging is said to bring Peace, Harmony and Healing to
            everyone in your home.

            Gemstones that may be used in the creation of the Harmony Flax Bow are:

            Glass, Wood, Shell, Natural Stone and Gemstones.

            Here are some of the metaphysical properties of certain stones:
            Turquoise - For Healing and Kindness.
            Rose Quartz - For Peace, Love and Harmony.
            Clear Quartz - For Clarity of Mind.
            Mother of Pearl - For Emotional Balance.
            Amethyst - For Spiritual Awareness and Connection.
            Amazonite - For Soothing Nerves and to Calm Emotions.

            Flax is known for its strength and holds the group firm in life's endeavors.

            Joined together to unite and bring peace to the people in your environment.
            The Harmony Flax Bow allows more playfulness and easier reactions in the family or group of people living together.
            It helps being more sensitive in the interaction with each other.
            It also allows the members of the household to connect to each other without stress.
            It can be hung in the home, at work or any other place harmony is desired.

            This is a One of a Kind, Harmony Flax Bow.

            It measures approximately 7½ inches by 19 inches.

            Handmade by a Native American Artist.

            Made in U.S.A.

            Price: $125.00  $100.00 That's a full 20% discount, for a limited time only.
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