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This is from a Smoke-Free and Pet-Free home.

The item listed on this page was manufactured to plug into standard United States electrical outlets
and operates on standard United States voltage of 120 voltage, 60 hertz (cycles).


            Crystal Copper Energy Vessel
            Crystal Copper Energy Vessel-1    Crystal Copper Energy Vessel-2    Crystal Copper Energy Vessel-3    Crystal Copper Energy Vessel-4    Crystal Copper Energy Vessel-5    Crystal Copper Energy Vessel-6    Crystal Copper Energy Vessel-8    Crystal Copper Energy Vessel-9

            This one of a kind Crystal Copper Energy 
Vessel has been specially crafted by this local Artist to assist you in your
            creation of new beginnings and of monetary abundance in your life. It was hand crafted by the Artist so that the
            Artist's own vibrational energy, energy from the universe and the intent of the Artist all come together to create a
            very powerful Energy Center.

            Now bear in mind that this
Crystal Copper Energy Vessel will NOT do it for you, it is to assist you in attaining your goals.

Copper is known as "The Healing Metal" and also as "The Lucky Metal".
            Copper is the metal many have turned to for arthritis relief, and relief from other disorders.
            We've been using copper almost from the start of our life here on earth.

            For the spiritualists belief system copper is the conductor.
            It conducts spiritual energy back and forth between individuals, auras, crystals, the mind and the spirit world.

            It is linked with the Divine and attributes to the Queen of Heaven.

Any stone with copper around or in it  is said to have enhanced properties.

            It has been said that Copper has the below listed properties.

            It is said to help all Chakras especially the root and heart chakras,
Cleansing, Purification, Healing, Luck, Love, Protection and Money.

The flow of energy Inner-Vision, Thoughts, Communication, Self-Esteem, Energy,
                                                     Psychic, Kindness, Gentleness, Adaptation, Enjoyment, Femininity, Sensuality,
                                                     Intuition, Vitality, Initiative, Optimism, Diplomacy, and Independence.

                    Metaphysical Properties: Physical conductor of electricity and heat, Strengthens the consciousness, Strengthens
                                                      the bond of the family, Opens and activates the Root and Sacral Chakras,
                                                      Allows one to recognize the barriers blocking the way of one’s path for development,
                                                      Amplifies and transmits thoughts when sending and receiving psychic communications,
                                                      Connects the physical and astral body to align the subtle bodies,
                                                      Known to ‘strengthen’ the properties of other crystals and stones,
                                                      Combats non-acceptance of oneself,
Helps the wearer overcome lethargic tendencies,
                                                      Heals the mind and body based on the metal’s energy conducting properties,
                                                      Stimulate the flow of psychic energies, Frees the wearer of mental burdens,
                                                      Place copper next to a healing crystal\stone on the body to enhance their healing properties,
                                                      Increases one’s stamina, Transfers warmth and electricity, Emits philosophic energies,
                                                      Stimulates the hormones

            Many have said that it does have healing properties, the following are several that we found;
Healing Properties: Alleviate cramps, Promote smooth function of glands, Prevent damage of the joints,
                                                      Assist with arthritis, Assist with rheumatic disease, Improve circulation of blood,
                                                      Detoxification, Reduces inflammation, Stabilizes metabolism, Improves oxygen usage,
                                                      Influences the blood and, circulation of the body, Eases pain of sciatica,
                                                      It has also been said to protect the blood from disease.
            The crystal vessel is made of glass that also has, according to some who are aware, metaphysical properties.
            Glass is said to be a Highly Programmable stone.

            Glass being produced by melting silica sand and some other minerals together to form a thick liquid, when cooled
            becomes hard and solid as far as our eye can see. Technically in the engineering world, glass is considered
a liquid
            having an extremely high viscosity.
            Did you ever wonder why really old antique windows are thicker at the bottom than at the top?
            That is because it took that long to flow.

            The metaphysical properties of Glass are said to be;
communication, rebirth, focus, merging of elements and
the energies of transformation.

            It's said that when you hold a Quartz Crystal it will double your bio-magnetic field. It also connects the physical
            realm with the spirit, acts as a deep soul cleaner, works at the vibration that the user needs then puts that energy
            into the most perfect state possible.

            Quartz will harmonize to a spiritual purpose and it boosts metaphysical abilities.
            It has the ability to make karmic seeds disappear and it also stores information.

            Quartz can be useful for;
            protecting against radiation, boosting and cleaning the organs, balance the body, immune system,
            boosting muscle testing, soothing burns, an effective structure for programming, energy booster, complex cell
            memory healing, a master at healing almost any condition.

            This is a one of a kind, Crystal Copper Energy 
Vessel that was crafted by the Artist with the intent to assist the user
            in healing and becoming a money magnet.

            The glass crystal was not made by the Artist. The base was created by the Artist with the intent as it was hand formed,
            it was also hand polished to the luster you see then loaded with the Lab-grown Quartz crystal points.
            This works together as one with the energy being amplified by all components of this beautiful Energy Center.
            The Quartz Crystal Wand, seen in the pictures, is NOT part of this listing, they are sold seperately.

            This can be placed where you, as the user, feel most comfortable with.

                                Total Height: 3½ inches
                         Largest Diameter: 4 inches
                                Base Height: 2¼ inches
                                    Diameter: 3 3/8 inches Outside Dimension

            Lab-grown Quartz Crystal Points: 28

            Does this Crystal Copper Energy Vessel call to you? Does it keep popping up in your mind? Do you keep coming back
            to look at the pictures and seeing in your mind the perfect spot to place this?
            If you answered yes to any of these you may be the new owner.

            Price: $83.00

            Shipping and Handling: $13.60 Within the Continental United States.



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             household electricity!

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