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            Clear Synthetic or Lab-grown Quartz Wand

            Clear Synthetic, otherwise know as Lab-grown Quartz Crystal Wand-2    Clear Synthetic, otherwise know as Lab-grown Quartz Crystal Wand-3    Clear Synthetic, otherwise know as Lab-grown Quartz Crystal Wand-5    Clear Synthetic, otherwise know as Lab-grown Quartz Crystal Wand-6    Clear Synthetic, otherwise know as Lab-grown Quartz Crystal Wand-7    Clear Synthetic, otherwise know as Lab-grown Quartz Crystal Wand-8    Clear Synthetic, otherwise know as Lab-grown Quartz Crystal Wand-9

            Clear Synthetic, otherwise know as Lab-grown Quartz Crystal Wand-10

            The synthetic or lab-grown Quartz should not be confused with simulated.

            While simulated may and usually will look the same as synthetic and natural that is where it stops.
            It is true these, Synthetic and Simulated, are both man-made in what are referred to as laboratories.
            They don't contain the same material, usually are softer in hardness and don't share the same properties.

            The lab-grown Quartz are just like natures own. They are made up of the same chemicals, are the same physically,
            and have the same clearness or optical properties. The process is basically duplicating nature, using high pressure,
            high temperature, actual pieces of natural quartz as seeds and a solution that creates the created quartz.
            Because of the controls in the growing conditions this synthetic quartz will have fewer, if any, flaws or inclusions
            compared to the natural stones.

            The Synthetic Quartz will have the same chemical structure as the natural stone.
            Simulated or Simulants as some call them, do not have the same material as the natural stones, usually cheap
            materials that will only allow the created stone to look like the natural stone.

            The properties of Quartz are said increasing the energy and energizing other crystals.
            This is done by balancing, absorbing, amplifying, storing, focusing, transmitting and channeling the energy of the universe.
            Quartz can also increase ones thoughts. So while it's focusing and increasing the energy, this creates the
            conditions favorable for protection, healing, manifesting, channeling, meditation and receiving, storing any kind of
            information as long as it is energy.

            It has been said to be a highly effective tool and worked magic in the Shamanic circles, Native Americans referred
            to Quartz as Mother Earth's brain cells.The clear Quartz helps many levels of being. It amplifies energy and healing
            powers along with making electromagnetism and making static electricity disappear.

            It's said that when you hold a Quartz Crystal it will double your bio-magnetic field. It also connects the physical
            realm with the spirit, acts as a deep soul cleaner, works at the vibration that the user needs then puts that energy
            into the most perfect state possible.

            Quartz will harmonize to a spiritual purpose and it boosts metaphysical abilities.
            It has the ability to make karmic seeds disappear and it also stores information.

            Quartz can be useful for;
            protecting against radiation, boosting and cleaning the organs, balance the body, immune system,
            boosting muscle testing, soothing burns, an effective structure for programming, energy booster, complex cell
            memory healing, a master at healing almost any condition.

            Reiki practitioners use Quartz Crystal Wands let go and clear blocked energies that slow the flow of central energies
            and the chakras. These wands, be lab-grown or natural, produce negative and positive electrical charges.
            They powerfully increase the energy, targets the area it's needed or removes the energy as needed.
            They can get to the root cause of disease and change it. The Quartz Wands can point out and treat blocked areas or
            areas of weakness in the aura or the physical body.

            This Lab-grown Quartz Crystal Wand is clear and has wonderful texture on the three other sides.

            There a few small chips on some of the corners/edges, overall it's a very beautiful, comfortable wand.

                                    Size: 6 5/8 inches Long X 1 9/16 inches Wide X
                                            13/16 inches Thick
                               Material: Lab-grown Quartz
            Chemical composition: SiO2
                             Hardness: 7

            This particular Clear Lab-grown Quartz Crystal Wand has completed its work here and is wanting to help another Healer.

            Are you that Healer? Does this Wand call to you or does it just feel right to you?

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