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This is from a Smoke-Free and Pet-Free home.

            2 Oval Magnets       

2 Oval Magnets View 2   2 Oval Magnets View 3   2 Oval Magnets View 4

            Magnets such as these Oval Magnets can have many different uses.

            It is said that they can be used for healing of many different conditions that have been found to respond to
            Magnetic Therapy.
            Sometimes the magnets work well on blood pressure, joint pain, kidney, liver, skin disorders and more.
            If you would like to learn more, there is a book by Dr. Michael Tierra called "Biomagnetic and Herbal Therapy"
            where he provides a lot of information on the topic to the reader.

            They are said to relieve pains of certain origins and to relieve job and other stress.

            These are not designed to take the place of medical professionals, consult the medical, herbalist, alternative
            professional of your choice, do your own resaearch and thinking to make an informed decision if this will or
            possibly will provide relief from the condition you are inquiring about.

            We believe these to be the Neodymium Magnets, cannot find anything that says that.
            These Oval Magnets are each approximately 2½ inches long.
            Made in China.

            What's included, 2 Oval Magnets you see pictured and the box they are pictured in.

            Price: $8.95
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