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This is from a Smoke-Free and Pet-Free home.

            The Happy Heart Massager

            The Happy Heart Massager View 1   The Happy Heart Massager View 2   The Happy Heart Massager View 3   The Happy Heart Massager View 4   The Happy Heart Massager View 5   The Happy Heart Massager View 6

            This is The Happy Heart Messager made by the Thompson Family Enterprises, Colorado Springs, CO.
            It does not vibrate and does not use any batteries.

            Each Happy Heart Messager has a slightly different coloring, meaning that there aren't any two that are alike.

As you start massaging your head, chest or thigh you'll feel more relaxed, the tensions
and stress evaporate
            in no time.

            You can heat up The Happy Heart Messager for an even more stress relieving and relaxing massage by
            placing it in warm water or place The Happy Heart Massager in a bowl of water then into the microwave
            for a little while. Please keep in mind that if it's to hot to handle or hold in your bare hand it will be to
            hot for your skin. The heat should last for about 10 minutes, that will give you a good start. The heated
            Happy Heart Massager help make the soreness of stressed, overused
and aching muscles go away making
            feel better.

            The Happy Heart Massager is made in a triangular shape to make it strong and durable, but yet light enough
            in weight make it greeat to take it with you traveling.

            You can even use it in the hot tub or bath, maybe slip it in the water to warm up some first though.
            Or you could also use it as a conversation starter by setting it out in the living room on your coffee table.

Instruction Booklet is copywrite dated 1996 and is included with your Happy Heart Massager.

            These are truely amazing! The Bumps are great for getting into the Acupressure points and makes it so much
            easier on your hands.

            As we stated before the massager can be heated, it can also be cooled if you wish or just used at
            room temperature.

            Approximate Dimensions: 5½ inches long side X 5 inches side with "U" in it X 4¾ inches side with tail X
                                                1 13/16 inches including the Bump, 1 1/8 inches without the Bump X
                                                ½ inch sides thickness

            Made in U.S.A.

This is the last one we have.

            So when The Happy Heart Massager help you get rid of those stiff, aching, stress filled pains in your muscles
            you'll be happy you got this last one.

            Price: $22.00
            Shipping and Handling: $7.15 Within the Continental United States.

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             Alaska, Hawaii and all other areas contact Customer Service for a quote.

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