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Intuitive Life Consultant

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Deb Chenneour Williams
            When you're feeling like there is something wrong within you. When you're told by
            professionals that nothing is wrong with you, but you still feel something is not right.

            What do you do, you get help!

            When you're looking for healing that works, you need the Unconventional Distance
            Healing done by Deb Chenneour Williams.

            Deb has been doing Distance Healing for more than 30 years in the offline world,
            before the Internet.

            She is known internationally for her healing expertise.

            When you decide to get Debs' help, she will be working on your body, mind, spirit
            and more to be healed in conjunction with each other.

            Welcome to the Age of Aquarius!

            After signing up to receive Debs' help you will receive an email to schedule the
            first session.

            You will talk with Deb via 
landline phone or Skype your choice. If you have no
            landline phone then Skype is the only choice.

            The first session will define the problematic areas that you are aware of.

            You will also need to tell Deb any information you think will enhance your
            healing experience.

            This program is customized to your individual needs not a "one size fits all".

            The Healing Session:

            Deb will be using multiple Distance Healing modalities so that you receive the
            maximum healing benefits in Body, Mind and Spirit.

            This is accomplished so that YOU may be FREE to live your life and deliver
            your message.

            Progress Consultation:

            We will schedule a time, to discuss the progress, to talk on the same choice
            of call as the initial call was made.

            Email Access:

            You will have three (3) months unlimited email access to Deb.

            Private Group:

            You will also receive access to a Private Members Only Group.

            This is where you will be able to ask questions, make suggestions or comment.

            Due to the amount of hands on work involved, Deb will only be able to help
            4 (four) people per month.

            I imagine by now you are asking "What qualifies Deb to help me?", so below
            is a listing of some of her qualifications.

                        Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist
                        Certified in Transpersonal Psychology
                        Certified in Past-Life Regression Therapy
                        Certified in many different forms of Reiki practices
                        11 years of communicating and working with Crystal Skulls.
                        40 + years of working with the healing properties of rocks, minerals
                            and gemstones.
                        Is a published author.

            "Today is the first day of the rest of your life." ~ Anonymous ~

            Now that you're ready to get started click the "Buy Now" button below.



            To ask questions, purchase or make an appointment 
            contact Deb at;  I Need Help Deb
            We will get back to you within 48 hours excluding
            Saturday, Sunday and legal U.S. holidays.

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